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Abstract Submission is closed.

Late abstract submission closed on 8 January 2018 at 24:00 CET.

Registration to the Congress is compulsory in order to present an abstract and must be completed by 15 March 2018.

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Abstracts were submitted on the following topic categories:


1 Diagnosis - Glaucoma all types
2 Diagnosis - Primary open-angle glaucoma
3 Diagnosis - Angle closure glaucoma
4 Diagnosis - Pediatric glaucoma
5 Diagnosis - Secondary glaucomas

Follow up

6 Follow up - Glaucoma all types
7 Follow up - Primary open-angle glaucoma
8 Follow up - Angle closure glaucoma
9 Follow up - Pediatric glaucoma
10 Follow up - Secondary glaucomas


11 Treatment - Glaucoma all types
12 Treatment - Primary open-angle glaucoma
13 Treatment - Angle closure glaucoma
14 Treatment - Pediatric glaucoma
15 Treatment - Secondary glaucomas

Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability

16 Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability, QoL - Glaucoma all types
17 Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability, QoL - Primary open-angle glaucoma
18 Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability, QoL - Angle closure glaucoma
19 Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability, QoL - Pediatric glaucoma
20 Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability, QoL - Secondary glaucomas


21 Pathogenesis - Glaucoma all types
22 Pathogenesis - Primary open-angle glaucoma
23 Pathogenesis - Angle closure glaucoma
24 Pathogenesis - Pediatric glaucoma
25 Pathogenesis - Secondary glaucomas

Review Process & Acceptance Notification

The Scientific Programme Committee is currently reviewing the submitted abstracts.

Notifications of acceptance or rejection of the abstracts will be sent to abstract submitters by 20 February 2018 at the latest.

Once programmed, abstract presentation times and locations cannot be changed. Authors who are unable to attend and give their presentation as scheduled must notify the Organizing Secretariat OIC and withdraw their abstract at ( 

Technical Guidelines

We would like you to observe the following instructions for your poster preparation: 

Poster should be printed with visible characters (font not smaller than size 36) and should contain a financial disclosure statement. 

Maximum size of the poster: 120 cm high x 90 cm wide (47,24 inches high x 35,43 inches wide). 
The Secretariat will provide you with the necessary material to put up the poster. 
The Secretariat will indicate only the number of the poster on the panel (title and authors will have to be prepared by the author); 
The number will be stated in the final program (poster session). 

Posters should be put up in the appropriate numbered space in the poster area, starting from Saturday  May 19th, from 14.00 and will remain until Tuesday, May 22nd, when they should be removed by 18.00. 
Posters must be mounted and removed as set out above. 

Each author is kindly requested to respect the assigned position for his/her poster/s. It is strictly forbidden to occupy other position different from the one assigned. In case of any question please contact the Organizing Secretariat on site. 

The Organizing Secretariat is not responsible for those posters that are not removed at the end of the  congress. 

Posters will be discussed in the following period of time: 

  • Poster Session 1: Epidemiology, health economics, visual disability, Pathogenesis 
    From P1.001 to P1.095 - 20 May 10.00-10.30 
  • Poster Session 2: Diagnosis 
    From P2.001 to P2.099 - 20 May 14.45-15.15 
  • Poster Session 3: Follow up 
    From P3.001 to P3.052 - 21 May 10.00-10.30 
  • Poster Session 4: Treatment Primary open-angle glaucoma and angle closure glaucoma 
    From P4.001 to P4.111 - 21 May 14.45-15.15 
  • Poster Session 5: Treatment glaucoma all types, pediatric and secondary glaucomas. 
    From P5.001 to P5.139 - 22 May 11.15-11.45

Publication of abstracts

Accepted abstracts will be published online in the EGS Abstract Final Book.


The official language of the congress is English.

Help Desk

For more information please contact the Help Desk:

OIC srl
Viale G. Matteotti, 7 - 50121 Florence – Italy
Phone: +39 055 5035342/348
Fax: +39 055 570227